20 in 2020 – Big hART Tasmania


20 in 2020 works with young people to increase their employability, enhance their pathways to social and economic participation, while at the same time supporting them to affect positive change in their community. 20 in 2020 engages, refocuses and rebuilds confidence, resilience, skills and agency (the capacity to make strong independent decisions) of young people through a program of specialist workshops.

The project works on a case by case, group by group basis, engaging young people in task focused activities and workshops.

Young people experience job ready habits and practice using these skills in real life settings by working toward arts outcomes and public events. These outcomes are designed to:

  • build a culture of contributing to the community
  • challenge existing negative perceptions of young people
  • develop supportive relationships between young people and the wider community.

Big hART arranges creative workshops and activities where young people are mentored by producers and professional artists, including photographers, chefs, designers, writers, filmmakers, podcast producers, journalists, musicians, advocates, visual artists, choreographers, sound engineers, event, stage and production managers and community leaders.

Creative activities are modelled on professional workplace practices, and young people learn skills in appropriate communication, working in a team, literacy and digital literacy, public speaking, fundraising, publicity, presentation, goal setting, prioritising tasks, leadership, networking, problem solving, decision making and engaging with the community.

Big hART is for young people:

  • aged 15 to 19 years
  • who meet one of the following criteria:
    • school aged but disconnected from school
    • at risk of becoming long term unemployed

Young people are identified as being at risk of becoming long term unemployed if they are:

  • Indigenous
  • early school leavers
  • from a jobless family
  • experiencing violence
  • in and out of home care
  • likely to leave school before Year 12
  • facing social, family, education, or literacy barriers
  • facing the consequences of structural change, social disadvantage and isolationist thinking
  • assessed as having reduced capacity for participation in education, employment or both.

Initiative period

13 April 2016 to 13 October 2017



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