About the Department


The Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business (formerly the Department of Employment) is responsible for national policies and programs that help Australians find and keep employment and work in safe, fair and productive workplaces.

The Department of Department of Jobs and Small Business works to two Ministers, the Minister for Jobs and Innovation, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash and the Hon Craig Laundy, Minister for Small Business, the Workplace and Deregulation.

Secretary Kerri Hartland and the deputy secretaries are responsible for the delivery of the department’s services.

Organisation Chart

Corporate Plan

The 2017–18 Corporate Plan is the primary planning document which outlines the Department’s purpose, environment, performance, capability and risk management.

The plan, which is a requirement under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, will be reported against in the Annual Report 2017–18 and updated on an annual basis.

Corporate plan

Strategic Plan 2017–2020

The Strategic Plan 2017–2020 sets the direction for how the Department works for the coming four years.

Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020

Innovation Framework

The Innovation Framework 2016-18 connects innovative people, ideas and resources to achieve our vision: More Jobs. Great Workplaces.

Innovation Framework 2016-18

User-Centred Strategy

The User-Centred Strategy 2017 outlines how the Department will continue to build its user-centred capability to achieve our vision: More Jobs. Great Workplaces.

User-Centred Strategy

In addition to the Department of Jobs and Small Business, a number of portfolio agencies help deliver the Australian Government’s workplace relations system.

Department of Jobs and Small Business Client Service Charter

The Client Service Charter is a statement of what the Department of Jobs and Small Business does and the standards of service you can expect from the department. This Client Service Charter is the overarching charter for the department. Some of the department’s programmes have specific charters or feedback or complaints channels which apply to their particular business activities.

Client Service Charter

Executive Remuneration

The Department’s remuneration paid to Executives in 2016-17.