Accessing the WAD Dataset

The dataset of enterprise agreements in the Workplace Agreements Database (WAD) is available for approved users to access for research purposes.

The dataset contains a wide range of conditions captured according to a range of coding rules, including wages, conditions, and demographic information on over 140 000 enterprise agreements made since 1991. Up to 300 data items are recorded for each agreement. It is a valuable source of workplace relations information and has the potential to contribute to workplace relations discussions by enhancing the evidence base.

Key information contained in the dataset includes:

  • State and territory;
  • Industry;
  • Agreement duration and employee numbers;
  • Form of employment;
  • Wage increases;
  • Superannuation;
  • Leave provisions;
  • Penalty rate provisions;
  • Severance payments;
  • Flexibility arrangements;
  • Productivity provisions; and
  • Many other data points.

Data will be available up to the most recent quarter of the Trends report.

Technical advisory services will be available to assist approved users to conduct analytical research into workplace relations matters using the workplace agreement data.

The Workplace Agreements Database will continue to accept custom data requests. Quarterly Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining reports will also continue to be published.

Obtaining the data

To obtain access to the Workplace Agreements Database dataset, please fill out the Request Form and send it as an email attachment to

Approved users will be required to provide details of their research requirements and agree to confidentiality conditions and other terms. The Department of Jobs and Small Business reserves its right to approve or decline data requests. Full terms and conditions of access to the dataset are included in the Request Form.

The dataset is being made available in CSV format only. The dataset is extremely large, so users need to have access to a compatible software package such as SAS or Stata in order to access the dataset.

Potential users without experience handling raw data, or only requiring specific information from the dataset, should consider submitting a custom data request instead.


The Department of Jobs and Small Business recommends that users familiarise themselves with the explanatory materials including the Framework Document outlining the types of data contained in the dataset.

Additionally, a self assessment aid is available with exercises for users to test their knowledge and skills of Workplace Agreements Database dataset. It is highly recommended that users attempt to reproduce these results before conducting further and more complex analysis. 

Users are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with these materials before attempting to conduct any analysis of Workplace Agreements Database data.

Advisory services

Data analysts from the Department of Jobs and Small Business are available during business hours to answer technical questions regarding the dataset. Please direct any enquiries to