The Department


The following is a list of all the videos that are associated with The Department.

  • Haydn’s Story

    Watch Haydn’s Story
    Haydn was pleased to learn that his skills from previous work as a butcher and in retail transferred across to the work he was doing in the public service.
  • Michael’s Story

    Watch Michael’s Story
    With each rotation that Michael did during the IAGDP he learned new skills and experience.
  • Lauchlan’s Story

    Watch Lauchlan’s Story
    Lauchlan owned his own business before becoming an IAGDP participant. See why Lauchlan decided it was time to learn new skills.
  • Lachlan's Story

    Watch Lachlan's Story
    An insight into Lachlan and his experience in the department and it's inclusive workplace where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees are respected and valued and supported in their career journey.
  • Jamal's Story

    Watch Jamal's Story
    A short summary of Jamals experience within the Department.
  • Skye's Story

    Watch Skye's Story
    Skye's story into her experience in working in the Department
  • Lachlan's Story

    Watch Lachlan's Story
    A short story of Lachlans experience in the department.
  • jobactive Restart 30 sec radio

    Watch jobactive Restart 30 sec radio
    jobactive Restart 30 sec radio