Employment Research and Statistics

The Australian Government undertakes research and analysis of employment trends across Australia to support government policy development. Employment related research in the areas of skill shortages, recruitment experiences, labour and skills needs and industry and employment trends is available.

The Australian Government undertakes research and analysis of employment trends across Australia. This research informs government policy development and program delivery.

What does the Department of Jobs and Small Business research?

The department conducts employment related research into areas including skill shortages, recruitment experiences, labour and skills needs and industry and employment trends. The following research reports are available:

  • Australian Jobs
    This annual publication provides a snapshot of the Australian labour market and provides information on the workforce, employment and training.
  • Labour Market Information Portal
    An online resource which contains information to help people understand their local labour markets.
  • Skills Shortages
    Reports are available on skills shortages for a range of skilled occupations on a national, state and territory level.
  • Entry Level Occupations
    Reports are available analysing the labour market for apprentices and other selected entry level occupations.
  • Regional Reports
    Regular surveys of employers recruitment experiences assess the extent of recruitment difficulty in particular regions and industries.
  • Labour Market and Related Payments Monthly Profile
    Monthly reports present statistical information for different types of labour market payments made by Centrelink on behalf of the department.
  • Small Area Labour Markets
    Quarterly statistics on the estimation of the number of unemployed persons and unemployment rates in identified local areas across Australia.
  • Department of Jobs and Small Business Leading Indicator of Employment
    This monthly report predicts movements in the growth cycle of employment.
  • Australian Labour Market Update
    This quarterly publication provides information on the labour market to help people looking for work.
  • Job Seeker Compliance Data
    The department publishes quarterly reports on a range of job seeker compliance data. 
  • Council of Australian Governments research into mental health and employment
  • Employment programme evaluation information
    Provides information on how Australian Government employment services and programs are being carried out and evaluated
  • Transition to Work – Evaluation Strategy outlines a process for evaluating the Transition to Work (TtW) service. It begins with a brief description of the service and then outlines evaluation questions and reporting timelines for the evaluation. The document subsequently discusses the analytical approach for the evaluation and finally explains how the overall evaluation will be managed’.


The following is a list of all the news items that are associated with Employment Research and Statistics.

Refugees’ skills and experience valued by employers

News | 31 January 2019

Research published by the Department of Jobs and Small Business shows that while refugees can find entering the labour market very challenging, Australian employers value their contribution and skills.

Monthly Leading Indicator of Employment Latest Release

News | 23 January 2019

Department of Jobs and Small Business releases the February edition of the Monthly Leading Indicator of Employment.

Help us improve Australian Jobs

News | 24 October 2018

Australian Jobs, one of the country’s foremost job publications, is currently under review to ensure it continues to match the needs and expectations of its readers.

Australian Jobs 2018 is now available

News | 1 May 2018

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Results from 2017 skill shortage research program

News | 3 April 2018

The Australian Recruitment Industry – a comparison of service delivery 2016

News | 8 May 2017

Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP)

News | 9 December 2016

Independent report finds Work for the Dole effective

News | 15 November 2015

Work for the Dole evaluation report released