G20 Employment


The Group of Twenty (G20) is the leading forum for international economic cooperation. Each year G20 Leaders and Ministers meet to discuss ways to strengthen the global economy.

Jobs are central to the G20 agenda. The Department of Jobs and Small Business represents Australia in the G20 Employment Working Group, developing advice for G20 Labour and Employment Ministers and G20 Leaders on a wide range of policy issues.

The G20 membership comprises 19 countries plus the European Union. Members meet regularly to discuss ways to promote more inclusive economic growthand review progress on policy commitments.

The G20 Employment Working Group meets several times a year, culminating in the annual G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial meeting.

Australia hosted the G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting in Melbourne in 2014, with one of the major outcomes being an agreement on policy priorities for boosting female participation in the workforce and a goal to reduce the gender gap in participation rates by 2025.

Most recently, G20 ministers met in Germany in May 2017, with commitments made to:

  • Prepare for the future of work;
  • Foster the labour market integration of migrants and refugees, and;
  • Improve employment outcomes achieved through global supply chains.

Argentina will host the G20 in 2018.

Australia’s progress on its commitments can be found in the 2017 G20 Employment Plan; while G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Declarations can be found on the G20 website.

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