Harnessing the power of mentorship


Research shows that small business owners benefit from mentorship and guidance.

The Small Business Digital Champions Project will support 100 businesses to make the most of the opportunities provided by the digital economy. 15 of these businesses will be selected to become Digital Champions with their journeys showcased as real-life stories to inspire and inform other small business owners across Australia.

A man wearing high-vis is providing advice over the phone from a warehouse. There are other workers in the background working together.

We know that small business owners are time poor and at times need both support and encouragement to embrace technology and unlock its full potential for their business.

So each Digital Champion will be guided through their transformation by a personal Digital Mentor. We need successful early adopters of digital business models to help coach the small business community, share their experience and inspire in others the desire to see what is possible through technology.

Digital Mentors will be high-profile individuals known for their success in digital innovation. Mentors will have leveraged technology to build their own success, and be in a position to share their lessons learned with a Digital Champion and the broader small business audience of Australia.

Do you have experience leveraging technology for success?

Register your interest in becoming a Digital Mentor. This form should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Registrations close 5pm AEDT, Wednesday 27 February 2019.