Impact Community Services — Employment First Aid (E+)


Through an anonymous telephone hotline service and digital platforms, Employment First Aid (E+), participants and employers will have access to advice and support designed to enhance confidence and resilience in the workplace. The service will promote a range of strategies that employers and employees can adopt to improve retention of young people in employment.

One on one intensive support will be available in Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Website, social media platforms and hotline support can be accessed nationally.

Nationally, participants can access the E+ Hotline and be provided with support and intervention strategies to help them overcome personal and employment issues that may impact their ability to sustain employment. Participants will have access to individual support for the length of time they need until they feel ready to exit the service. Employers can also access the E+ Hotline to receive assistance in relation to any workplace issue involving young employees.

Participants receiving face-to-face E+ intensive support will initially be assisted to develop a Moving on Plan. This includes an assessment of their barriers, goals, support and interventions required and completion of personal development activities focussed on building enterprise skills, endurance and resilience.

On completion of their Moving on Plan, participants will be supported to transition out of and exit E+ Intensive Support. Participants unable to sustain employment will be assisted to develop strategies to source alternative employment.

Digital platforms will have regular updates and tips on how to improve personal confidence and strategies to resolve workplace issues, including information to assist employers.

Employment First Aid (E+) is for young people aged 15-24 years who are in the first six months of their employment.


Australia Wide

Initiative Period

19 June 2017 to 18 June 2019


Contact: Marc Pau (Employment First Aid Co-ordinator)

Phone: 1800 118 008

Email: or


Visit the Employment First Aid website.