IT Security Compliance

IT security compliance information.

The Department’s Security Policy for External Services Providers can be found below:

Third Party IT Provider Deed

The Third Party IT Provider Deed has been updated following industry consultation and can be found below:

Department of Jobs and Small Business — Accredited Third Party IT Providers

Third Party IT Provider services that are used by the Department’s Employment Services Providers must be IRAP assessed and accredited by the Department.
The following providers have been accredited by the Department up to, and including, UNCLASSIFIED (DLM) as per the Australian Government security classification scheme.

  • Be Software — iinsight and iignite systems
  • JN Solutions — Bridge and Analytics  systems
  • MyWorkSearch – Aptem system (Interim Approval to Operate)
  • JobReady - Neptune system
  • SoNET - iCase system
  • KVI Interactive – JDE-MAX system

The Department accredits select systems not the entire provider.

For further details, please contact the Department by emailing the following mailbox: