Job Seeker Relocation Qualitative Survey

This page provides information on a qualitative study that will take place between July and December 2015. The study examines job seekers’ and employment providers’ experiences of job seeker relocation. The information will be of interest to eligible job seekers, who have received a letter advising them of the research, and jobactive providers.

The Department of Employment is undertaking research on assistance available to help job seekers find work through the Relocation Assistance To Take Up a Job Programme.

The Department has engaged Colmar Brunton Social Research to undertake the research with eligible job seekers and jobactive providers.

From July to December 2015 Colmar Brunton will invite a selection of eligible job seekers and jobactive providers to share their views on job seeker relocation and the Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job programme.

If Colmar Brunton contacts you, we encourage you to participate in the research. The information you provide will help the Department to learn more about the benefits and challenges of relocating for work and improve services for job seekers.

Information you provide will only be used for research purposes. Individuals and organisations who participate in the research will not be identified in reporting. The Department and Colmar Brunton are bound by the Privacy Act 1988.

If you would like more information you can call Colmar Brunton on 1800 185 570 or email with any questions you may have about the research.