Karingal Inc - Youth Community


Through the Youth Community model, young people will build strong peer-support networks and be supported in developing their social skills, leadership skills, marketing skills, employability, confidence and motivation to seek employment. This program includes access to online platforms incorporating gamification and rewards to motivate participants to reach goals and complete the program while also receiving mentoring support.

Youth Community is for young people aged 15-24 years who are:

  • unemployed for 12 months or more; or
  • meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • low educational levels;
    • literacy or numeracy issues;
    • generational unemployment;
    • unstable or inadequate housing;
    • homelessness;
    • Indigenous;
    • disability;
    • mental health issues;
    • involvement in the justice system;
    • involvement in the child protection system; and
    • non vocational barriers such as legal issues, school exclusion and lack of transport.

Participants will have access to the program for up to six months. Participants will initially be assessed on their barriers, with individual needs, goals and baseline data identified.

In the first three weeks participants will receive intensive personal development and peer support training on employability skills, presentation, marketing and communication.

Throughout the program, participants can access:

  • online learning modules covering personal development, life skills, understanding the world of work, employability skills and vocational tasters;
  • individual mentoring support including practical assistance, emotional support, referrals to community supports or health services, coaching and advocacy;
  • unlimited access to the Job Quest Game including a wellness app which will help monitor motivational levels;
  • a weekly peer support and marketing club, including guest speakers such as employers, apprenticeship and traineeship organisations, community services, registered training organisations and motivational speakers;
  • support from the Employment Engagement Officer who will contact employers and assist with supported interviews; and
  • intensive post-placement support for participants who commence employment, including continued access to the Job Quest Game and wellness app.

A graduation ceremony will complete the program with employment services providers, or other relevant organisations invited who can coordinate any ongoing services.

The program is inclusive of family and friends, with a session held so they may best support and encourage the young person in their important life changing journey.

Initiative Period

30 June 2017 to 29 June 2019


Queensland - Strathpine, Chermside, Cairns

South Australia - Noarlunga Centre, Norwood, Oakland Park,

Victoria - Bendigo, Werribee, Epping


Tracey Fenton

Phone: 0431 474 507

Email: traceyf@matchworks.com.au


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