Australian Jobs 2017 Highlights Changing Workforce

Wednesday 28 June 2017

A helpful resource for job seekers, students, careers advisers and those exploring their career options has been released by the Department of Employment.

Australian Jobs 2017 provides a snapshot of the labour market at the national, state and regional level and for industries and occupations, as well as guidance about job search and the skills employers value.

Many factors influence the Australian labour market, and Australian Jobs 2017 provides information about the current economic climate to assist users to make informed work and training choices.

Where Australians are seeking to learn about a career in a particular industry, they can use the Australian Jobs 2017 report to see the range of occupations offered within that industry, as well as the main training pathways and the locations of jobs.

The report also features employment profiles, such as which industries offer the largest job numbers, including for young people.

There are close to one million young Australians employed across the Retail Trade, Accommodation and Food Services and Construction sectors, and these sectors are expected to continue to offer employment to large numbers of young people.

The full report is available on the Australian Jobs page. For a hard copy, please email

An infographic providing a snapshot of the Australian Jobs 2017 is also available.