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ParentsNext helps eligible parents to plan and prepare for employment by the time their children go to school. It now operates in all non-remote areas of Australia. 

ParentsNext providers work with parents to help them set education and employment goals, develop a pathway to achieve their goals and link them to services and activities in the local community.

ParentsNext has been operating in 10 locations since April 2016. On 2 July 2018, ParentsNext started operating in all non-remote areas of Australia.

ParentsNext encourages Cally to keep volunteering

Cally with her sonParentsNext flexible approach encouraged Cally to continue her volunteer work. At the same time, Cally is exploring future education opportunities with her ParentsNext provider.
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ParentsNext is available in two streams – an Intensive Stream and a Targeted Stream.

The Intensive Stream operates in the existing 10 locations and 20 new locations with a high proportion of Parenting Payment recipients who are Indigenous.

The 30 Intensive Stream locations are:

The Targeted Stream operates in all remaining non-remote regions.

What services are available?

ParentsNext participants get help to:

  • identify education and employment goals
  • develop a pathway to achieve their goals
  • combine preparing for work with parenting responsibilities
  • access activities and services in the local community.

Participants in the Intensive Stream may be able to access a range of other support including a participation fund, wage subsidies and relocation assistance.

Who is eligible?

Parents may have to participate in ParentsNext if they have:

  • received Parenting Payment for the last six months
  • not had employment earnings during this period, and
  • a child aged under six years.

Centrelink will contact parents who need to participate in ParentsNext and connect them to a local provider.

Parents who receive Parenting Payment and have a child under six years can volunteer for ParentsNext if they live in an Intensive Stream location.

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