Posters and Postcards for Job Seekers

These resources aim to assist job seekers improve their chances of getting a job.

Looking For a Job – What Employers Expect From Young Job Seekers
Your Job Search Plan – Key Tips From Employers
What Employers Are Looking For
The Benefits of Work Experience
Education and Training Are Important
One Third of All Jobs Are Not Advertised
Employers’ Tips For Mature Age Jobs Seekers

Printed copies of the posters (A3) and/or postcards are free of charge and are available as two different set types:

  1. Job Seeker set - The seven posters OR postcards listed above.
  2. Youth set - The same posters OR postcards listed above, excluding only the mature age product. Six items in total.

Please note: the posters and postcards cannot be ordered individually.

To place an order, please use the order form.

For enquiries call 1800 059 439.