Recruitment Conditions


The Department monitors recruitment conditions to identify opportunities and challenges for job seekers.

The Department monitors recruitment conditions using the Survey of Employers’ Recruitment Experiences. Each year, more than 10,000 employers provide information about their local jobs market, including competition for vacancies. The survey results also identify practical information about what employers are looking for in applicants and how job seekers can better connect with employment opportunities.

The survey is run throughout the year, covering all 51 Employment Regions in Australia annually.

Information for selected regions across Australia can be accessed using the menu on the left.

Further information on the purpose of the survey and method used to gather information from employers about their recruitment experiences can be found in the Data Quality Statement.

Additional labour market information can be found on the Labour Market Information Portal, along with information on Employers’ recruitment insights.

For further information or queries regarding labour market and recruitment conditions, please contact the Recruitment and Employer Needs Analysis team on