Request for Application for Inclusion – Quality Assurance Framework Auditor List

The Department of Jobs and Small Business (formerly the Department of Employment) (the department) would like to announce that the Request for Application for Inclusion (RAI) on the department’s Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) Auditor List is now closed. Round two QAF Audits are underway and the Department will not be accepting or assessing new Applications for Inclusion.

The Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) for jobactive providers took effect from 1 July 2015 in recognition of the Government’s commitment to ensuring the delivery of quality services for job seekers and Employers. The QAF sets the minimum standard of quality for jobactive providers. Certification under the QAF provides the Department with assurances that jobactive providers have in place quality policies and procedures to support the management, monitoring and improvement of service delivery.

The Quality Assurance Framework comprises two key elements:

  • Quality Principles developed by the Department against which a Provider must provide evidence, to demonstrate the delivery of quality services to job seekers, employers and the department; and
  • Certification against one of the Department approved Quality Standards, ISO 9001, the National Standards for Disability Services or the Employment Services Industry Standard.

The QAF Certification process is undertaken by an accredited third party Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), selected by the Provider, from the Department’s Quality Assurance Framework Auditor List.

Questions regarding the RAI should be forwarded to