Skills and Training Incentive


A new Skills and Training Incentive will be introduced to assist older Australians update their skills and stay in the workforce.

The $19.3 million initiative will assist workers in the later stages of their careers, helping both businesses and workers better prepare and adapt to change in the economy.    

Under the initiative, Australians aged 45-70 will be eligible for up to a $2000 incentive to undertake suitable training (accredited or non-accredited), which must be matched by the them or their employer.

Eligible workers must first have completed a Skills Checkpoint assessment through the Department of Education and Training’s Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program.

If the assessment identifies the worker will benefit from further training, the provider will identify suitable local training options which can be linked to a current job, a future opportunity, or an industry/skill in demand.  

The Skills and Training Incentive will start on 1 January 2019 and run for two years, with up to 3600 incentives available each year.

Further information on the Skills and Training Incentive and the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program will be made available in the second half of 2018.