Youth Jobs PaTH


Youth Jobs PaTH is a flexible new approach to youth employment. It is designed to support young people to gain the skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job. It also supports employers to host internship placements and provides them with incentives when they take on a young person. Youth Jobs PaTH has three elements: Prepare - Trial - Hire.

To find out more about Youth Jobs PaTH visit the jobactive website.

Prepare helps young people become job ready by providing intensive pre-employment training.

Employability Skills Training (EST) gives young people the opportunity to enhance their employability through two different blocks of targeted training. Participating in training will help young people understand the expectations of employers in both the recruitment process and as a new employee in the workplace.

Training block 1 courses will equip young people with pre-employment skills and prepare them to meet the expectations of employers. Training block 2 courses will focus on job preparation and will equip young people with advanced job hunting skills, career development, interview skills and the opportunity to participate in Industry Awareness Experiences. These experiences will provide job seekers with an insight into the tasks and duties of different industries. Young people can do one or both of the courses. Each block is 75 hours of face-to-face training over three weeks.

A panel of Registered Training Organisation’s have been contracted to deliver EST Courses in 51 Employment Regions across Australia. Several Providers will deliver training in context of specific industries.

Employers interested in job seekers who have undergone the training should contact local jobactive or EST Providers.

Job seekers interested in completing training should contact their jobactive providers.

A full list of EST Providers can be found on the Employment Services Procurement Information page.

Trial provides young people with voluntary internship opportunities to help them gain real work experience in Australian businesses.

Employers can trial a young person in an internship for between 4 and 12 weeks to see how they fit into the team and if they are suitable for ongoing employment. Interns are unpaid by the business and receive a fortnightly incentive paid by the government.

The business receives an upfront payment of $1000 in recognition of the costs of hosting the internship. Additionally, the intern is covered by insurance paid by the Government through the Department of Employment.

To find out more about hosting an internship visit the jobactive website.

Hire provides a financial incentive of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) paid over six months to employers who hire eligible young job seekers. As part of Hire, from 1 January 2017 the new Youth Bonus wage subsidy is available for employers who hire eligible job seekers 15 to 24 years of age, and all wage subsidies were made simpler to access and manage. Wage subsidies can be packaged with Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme payments, to further encourage employers to create apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

Find out more information on existing wage subsidies.

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